Welcome to QUINCYS. We hope this will become your number one source for dog products.

We are dedicated to "finding" or "making" you the customer, the very best dog products with a focus on uniqueness, quality, dependability, and most of all, customer service.


Founded in 2010, we launched in 2021 after years of on and off research and testing on our products.

When the founder first started out, his only aim was to help his own three legged dog, driving him to do some intense research and giving him the impetus to turn all the research, hard work and inspiration into what is now Quincysdogs. 


Our aim is to continue innovating and adding to our collection of products to meet our customers’ evolving needs and exceed their expectations while staying faithful to our roots.

We never forget that our customers and their love for their dogs is what makes our designs special... their stories, their passion, and the kind comments we receive. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.


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