NEW Dangerous Dogs Act Law in UK


The law takes a peculiar stance when it comes to the use of signs such as ‘beware of the dog’ or ‘Warning Guard dog’ and other similar signs. In the event a sign such as this is displayed and your dog attacks another person entering your property, then the owner is liable for prosecution.

This is because it could be argued that by showing such a sign the owner was aware that their dog was dangerous. However, in the past, if your dog attacks an intruder where no sign is visible then the court would decree that the owner was unaware of the threat of the animal, and is therefore not liable for court action.

Dangerous dogs act - DDA. New law and what it covers, how to protect you and your dog

Enormous changes were recently made within England and Wales with regards to the Law. The Dangerous Dogs Act came into effect from 13th May 2014 and the law now even states that ‘A dog doesn’t have to bite to be deemed dangerous in the eyes of the law!!

The new legislation now covers private homes as well as public places, so the most important point to consider is how to keep unexpected visitors or delivery drivers safe on your property.

What you may consider as your dog being friendly someone else may see it as threatening behaviour; For example, your dog being friendly by jumping up at visitors.

You need to limit your liability and to try and make sure that people can safely access your front door without encountering your dog.

Our signs were made to work with the law, limit your liability and inform people entering your land that there is a dog on the premises. This in court could be argued that you gave enough and adequate notification to allow you to be able to secure the dog to make entry safe for your guest.

When purchasing, we recommend:


  1. Our sign is positioned at your front gate or entrance,

  2. A postbox for any post is placed near or next to the sign,

  3. A wired / wireless doorbell is positioned next to the sign.

Doing the above, shows you have taken adequate precautions to prevent people entering your land/home.

We are a UK based company and offer worldwide shipping to allow everyone to assist and support their dogs in their time of need!