What to expect with an aging dog and how you can help

Chances are that as a dog ages and limited mobility creeps in, you will find after visiting your veterinary clinic, that your dog more than likely has arthritis. Arthritis is not just a human aliment; dogs in particular are very prone to arthritic conditions. This is mainly due to all the running or even past injuries from when they were younger. The aim now is to make life as comfortable as possible for your pet and yourself.

Items such as a dog ramp for the car, veterinary prescribed medication and orthopaedic beds will all help make your pets life a bit easier but the one thing a dog wants to do more than anything else, is to walk and take in the smells. This is when a good support harness becomes invaluable.

Quincysdogs GenX dog harness is a special type of harness designed perfectly for this purpose. Its design means that it can support a dog’s front and rear hind legs, allowing you to assist your furry friend on walks, lift in and out of the car, walk up the stairs and lots more.

Not only does the GenX harness have handles to the front and rear where the hind legs are located, to maximise your dogs comfort, the interior of the GenX harness is full padded and then lined with a breathable mesh material making it overall extremely comfortable for your dog.

In addition, all harnesses within the marketplace have webbing straps around the body of the harness. Often these will dig into the dogs chest, neck and belly areas causing chaffing and discomfort for your dog.  Quincysdogs GenX harnesses have large padding that slides over the webbing to allow for added comfortable - these account for pressure points, weight distribution and avoids chaffing. There are even 10 and 20cms extension straps that can be added to the straps if your dog is slightly just off size which allows your dog to grow without you having to replace the harness!

Just as importantly, the actual design of this dog harness makes it extremely easy to put on and take off plus its machine washable on a gentle 30 degree wash