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Quincys Animal Hospital

I set up Quincys with one thing in mind; to try and help my dog mainly, but also all the other dogs that came to my hydrotherapy centre.

Right from the start, I decided that once i was in a position to, that a lot of the proceeds from Quincys would be used towards building and running a veterinary hospital in the UK.

The hospital would be different though; in addition to the normal insured animals, it would also offer free veterinary care to people who have sick/ injured pets and couldn’t afford to help them.


The truth is, millions of pet owners end up putting their animals to sleep simply because their Insurance company refuses to pay anymore or the owner was unable to afford insurance. For any owner this is heart-breaking. I know first hand when a similar situation occurred but i ended up finding the money.

A woman i now try and aspire to, is the late Mary Dickin who left behind her wonderful legacy of the PDSA; It would be amazing to set up a similar hospital or hospitals, that continued helping people and their animals long after i passed away. 

Anyway, no one ever reads this page based on google analytics - so this page is just to remind me everyday why i get up every morning and push myself to make this company grow!!