The start of the video shows a dog trying the GenX harness for the first time. The owners are elderly and you'll see that right at the start she was asked to let go of the handles. Watch the rest of the video and see how easily the owner is able to handle her dog with the aid of the GenX mobility harness.


The GenX harness was designed to help if you find yourself in a position where your dog has;

  • Arthritis

  • Cruciate ligament injuries

  • Hip or elbow dysplasia

  • Spinal injury

  • Degenerative myelopathy

  • Old age and limited mobility

  • Perfect for using with dog wheel chairs or getting in and out of the car as a dog lift harness and dog back leg support

  • or any limping where support is required 

First designed in 2012, we trailed this harness with hundreds of dogs like we do with all our own mobility products. This is now by far our most popular product for a number of reasons.

Our GenX harness is so very different to other similar designs found in the market place. What makes the GenX so great is the thought that’s been put into the design... from the materials used, overcoming pressure points by using large padded comforters over the webbing straps (which also allows for good weight distribution and avoids chaffing); breathability aspects to allow it to be left on for longer periods; simplicity in putting on and taking off… consideration has even been given to extra padding on the carry handles to ensure maximum comfort for the handler!!

The handles location is extremely important - these are located just above the shoulder blades and the rear section towards the hips with a reinforced D-clip under each handle to attach a lead. The handles allow the handler to easily lift up a dog from a prone to standing position with minimum effort, lift in and out of the car, walk up the stairs, and on walks - assist take some of the weight off the dogs injured area.

Vets using this harness have found it especially useful. Where it would take 4 people holding a towel at each corner under a dogs belly to walk or exercise a dog in care, it now only takes one person to do the same job. In addition, one of the most common injuries that staff suffer at veterinary practices through lifting, is back injuries – this also applies to owners. This harness, with the aid of the handles, helps to avoid such instances.



Size M: Chest Circumference 49cm – 71cm; waist circumference 47cm – 61cm

Size L: Chest Circumference 74cm – 114cm; waist circumference 60cm – 84cm

*extensions available for free - if needed, please confirm on your order if you require 10cms or 20cms 


We are a UK based company and offer worldwide shipping to allow everyone to assist and support their dogs in their time of need!