‘Belly Sling harness’. What makes this so different to the others on the market place? 

A lot of belly slings are made with a sheepskin like interior covering and sold as being comfortable for your dog to wear. The truth is:

1. If your dog urinates on this, for hygiene reasons the sling would need to washed and will be out of action for a period of time.

2. In addition, when lifting the dog, these other slings will normally tend to tighten and dig into your dog’s stomach – much like a thin belt, making it uncomfortable for the dog.

We have looked at these factors and developed a much better product.

Our belly slings are made from a thick exterior nylon material with a soft nylon material within the interior that’s easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. To avoid the main belly strap tightening and misshaping when in use, we have inserted half and inch to 1 inch of soft foam. This allows for even weight distribution and maximum comfort to all dogs. We have even made the handles so that they are adjustable to suit the handler.

Belly sling