The 'Spero' Full support Harness - designed to help dogs walk and in addition, where possible, to rebuild muscles through these longer walks.

Size S: Chest circumference 50cm – 68cm; Waist circumference 47cm – 64cm
Size M: Chest circumference 58cm – 110cm; Waist circumference 64cm – 80cm
Size L: Chest circumference 68cm – 137cm; Waist circumference 80cm – 130cm

*extensions available for free to extend to 130cm
​​​​​​​Machine washable on a gentle 30 degree cycle

Spero Harness

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  • Instructions

    Right out from the packaging your harness is going to be attached. There are three sections to the harness as a whole.


    It may also have become slightly tangled in packaging.

    The Dog Harness:

    Once you have determined the front from the back [the breast plate is on the front half], place the harness over the body of the dog.

    Attach the breastplate underneath the front half of the dog and tighten the straps so that they are comfortable and secure on your dog. On sizes medium and large the breastplate is curved one side and straight on the other. The curved section should be towards the head.

    Attach the stomach belt and tighten so that it is comfortable and secure. Finally clip on the back two straps on the stomach belt through the dogs legs and onto the back of the harness and adjust as required making sure it is comfortable and secure. The harness is now on your dog.

    If you get stuck call us on (UK) 01923 850 317 , but you will find it fairly easy if you follow these instructions.


    The Human Harness:

    Right out from the packaging the harness you wear is going to be attached. You simply place the shoulder straps over your shoulders and clip shut the belt – ( for smaller shoulders, you simply unclip the shoulder straps, criss cross them and re-clip). You adjust it to size and find a comfortable position, which we have always found to be around the chest area for medium and large sizes and for the waist area for the smaller dogs.


    The Adjustable Lead:

    You are almost there now. The adjustable lead has two ends. One end has a trigger switch and the other end has a male buckle clip. You simply clip on the male buckle clip onto the human harness and clip on the trigger-switch to one of the D rings (either at the front or the back of the dog harness dependent on what you are using the harness for).

    You now adjust the lead so that when you are standing you are supporting your dog. The aim is not to take the full weight, but just support, similar to helping a friend who is injured and using you to take some of their weight.

    As your centre of gravity is straight down, the adjustable lead would be best place under your armpit area. In addition, you may wish to use the handles provided on the dog harness. This allows you to distribute the weight evenly from your body and your arms.

    It must be remembered that this is new for both you and your dog. Normally it takes a day or two for both you and your dog to adjust to getting used to walking with the harness. We recommend that you start by walking very slowly (Pigeon steps) with your dog until they get used to it.

    This harness is designed for short periods, and we do not recommend that you leave it on continuously to avoid slipping and causing injury to your dog. In addition, if you have tightened the straps far too much, they may cause chaffing when the dog is resting.

    Washing Instructions To clean the product, we recommend hand washing the product frequently.