How to prevent cruciate ligament injuries in dogs?

A sprint, stumble, or a fall is not the reason behind the cruciate ligament injuries. You cannot make your dog cautious and concerned about this problem. All cruciate ligament injuries have a couple of things in common. These things are; not keeping a healthy diet, weekend warrior syndrome, being overweight, and a couple more.

You can do the following to prevent cruciate ligament injuries in dogs, and help them have a better quality of life.

A good diet

Meat isn’t the only good food for your canine. When you want to keep your best buddy safe from cruciate ligament injuries, the best thing you can do is to offer them a healthy diet. A diet that contains protein for muscle repair and healthy growth will be a huge favor for them.

The use of food items rich in omega 3 fatty acids like fish helps your buddy ward off joint issues and arthritis symptoms. Good food helps the dog stay away from the causes of cruciate ligament injuries and enacted life expectancy with enhanced mobility.

1. Daily exercise

When you keep their muscle flexible and strong, the chances of cruciate ligament injuries are minimal. Two walks a day is the recommended exercise for most dogs. You can consult your vet for the agility requirements of your dog and act accordingly.

Usually, vets recommend more walks and exercises for larger breeds. But for the smaller breeds, a single walk a day is enough.

2. Do not cause weekend warrior syndrome

If you do not take your dog to the dog park, on walks, or for agility exercise on the weekend, things are bad but not that bad. But when you take the same dog for exercises and walks only on weekends, you initiate weekend warrior syndrome. This condition is worse than not taking your dog for exercise.

This habit of 5 to 6 day rest and single day extreme workout can also result in cruciate ligament injuries. The dog’s muscles are not flexible and ready to bear the pressure, resulting in strain or injuries.

3. Maintain healthy weight

Being overweight is also one of the causes of cruciate ligament injuries. When you have a dog with obesity or more than the recommended weight, muscle and joint strain is the must, even with random walks and indoor play.

The overweight dog is prone to cruciate ligament injuries, various medical conditions, and issues. Choose a healthy diet and take your dog to exercise daily for a healthy weight and life.

Over to you – How to prevent cruciate ligament injuries in dogs?

To prevent cruciate ligament injuries in dogs, you must be vigilant to the early signs and symptoms of joint pain and muscle strain that could lead to progressive injury resulting in permanent damage.

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