Can a dog's cruciate ligament heal without surgery?

If you ask if cruciate ligament healing without surgery is possible, yes. The surgical procedure is said to be the gold standard. Many pet owners do not want to go for surgery because of expensive bills and medications.

Following is the vet and expert-recommended list of procedures that help cruciate ligament healing without surgery:


The most productive way to cruciate ligament healing without surgery is Prolotherapy. The therapy involves injection administration to the affected area. The procedure consists of four injections with three weeks gap between each dose.

Many pet owners claim that the dog feels ease of pain and starts increasing mobility after two injections. This theory is used for senior and middle-aged dogs.

Knee braces

The main issue with the cruciate ligament injury is that the damage increases over time. When the dog tries to walk or move, the free-moving limb increases the strain and doesn't let the tear heal itself.

Knee braces are a perfect solution for this issue. With the help of braces, you can aid the dog in keeping the limb stable and allow more time and comfort for the ligament to heal without pain.


This approach is the best option for overweight dogs regarding cruciate ligament healing without surgery. When your dog is obese or is struggling from being overweight, knee braces or Prolotherapy are not the only options. You need to add swimming with the Prolotherapy for better results.

According to experts, swimming alone results in cruciate ligament healing without surgery. Water removes the pressure of gravity and mass of the dog from the limb, and the movement allows the ligament to heal.

Dog Massage

The ligament and muscles get stiff and cause pain after a cruciate ligament injury. The use of massage therapy offers great results for humans in muscle and ligament injury. It also provides the same benefits to canines, and you can use it as one of the best approaches to cruciate ligament healing without surgery.

The massage increases the flexibility of muscles and allows the ligament to heal. More mobility without strain results in more comfort for the dog.


It is not simple swimming where you take your dog to the pool and get them to play along. Hydrotherapy is performed by trained professionals who know what your dog needs in cruciate ligament healing without surgery.

The special center with all the facilities and gadgets to remove the strain from the ligament and increase healing is the best for middle-aged and senior dogs.

Cold laser therapy

Last but not least, laser therapy allows your dog to heal cruciate ligament without surgery. This therapy provides great results for puppies suffering from cruciate ligament injuries.

Cold laser therapy is also great for seniors and middle-aged dogs with arthritis, muscle sprain, or muscle damage. At Quincysdogs, we have a harness created to aid the dog from applying pressure on the injured leg known as the GenX harness . Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at

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