Limping Injury in Dogs

Dogs Limping

Its always scary when you see your dog limping. The first thing that goes through everyone's mind is – “VETS BILLS.” Even though this may be the case, its still best to get professional advice from a veterinary centre. It’s best to be safe and for your own peace of mind, it allows the vet to assess your dog to see if its anything serious. There are many reasons why your dog may be limping – here’s just a a few more serious reasons but these are not limited:​

  • walked on a sharp object

  • torn toe nail

  • torn cruciate ligament injury

  • incest bite or tick disease

  • grass seed travelled in between toe nail and skin

  • fractured a bone when out running in the park

  • arthritis or hip dysplasia – you would normally see the deterioration in the dog over a period of time

  • on a more serious case, the dog could have even slipped a disc playing rough

  • there is so many more reasons why your dog could be limping and this is why we always recommend that it’s best to seek veterinary advice.

Just remember that the only reason your dog is limping is because its in pain. Sometimes if you have determined that its nothing too serious, ice packs and rest is all it takes. After seeing a vet at a veterinary practice, you find out that it is a bit more serious, we offer a range of products that will assist your dog stay mobile. Here's a link to our mobility products click here

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