What is Arthritis in Dogs and how Quincysdogs can help.

Arthritis is something that most dogs will get at some stage of their lives, and as this affects the joints, it makes the area quite swollen and is extremely painful for the dog.

The bones within a healthy dog would normally have smooth surfaces and fit perfectly within sockets. Whereas dogs with arthritis, the joints tend to be jagged and uneven. This causes them to rub against each other and is the cause of the swelling and discomfort. This is why they say that arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. Over time, new bone forms around the affected areas that are rubbing, making it harder for the dog to move. This is sometimes referred to as degenerative joint disease.

You would imagine arthritis would only affect older dogs; however, this is not the case. Too much exercise at a young age can also cause the bones to grow abnormally, which can lead onto arthritis at an early age. Arthritis is hereditary or genetic. It is commonly seen that larger breeds of dogs will be more susceptible to arthritis than the smaller breeds. Being overweight is another contributing factor for the onset of arthritis.

Unfortunately, once your dog has arthritis and the cartilage has been damaged all you can do is manage the condition. This is not as drastic as it may sound for your dog to live a pain free life, but it is advisable to seek professional medical help in managing the arthritis.

There are various treatment options available and weight management is crucial as well as controlled exercise. Your veterinary practice can discuss various plans ranging from drug therapy, pain medication, anti-inflammatory pills and in addition alternative therapy such as physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture. The type of drugs your vet may discuss to treat arthritis could be cartilage protectors, NSAIDS-anti-inflammatory drugs, and food dietary supplements to promote healthy joints.

If your suspect that your dog has Arthritis - it is recommended to go and see your vet immediately. The symptoms to look out for include Limping,

At Quincysdogs, we care for each and every dog and feel the anguish the owners go through. Our GenX harness was specifically designed as an aid for dogs suffering from ailments such as cruciate ligament injuries, arthritis, spinal injuries and much more.

The Genx harness is a strong and lightweight harness, which is extremely easy to put on and take off, with only two clips to attach. The harness has extra padding on the neck strap, chest strap and tummy strap, to avoid chaffing. There are strong padded handles on the front section of the harness and also on the rear section of the harness. Additionally, there is a D ring on both the front and rear of the harness.

When a cruciate ligament injury occurs the dog will bear most of their weight on the functioning rear leg. This is how very often within a year; the dog develops a similar problem on the good leg. To avoid the possibility of this happening, the dog would need assistance. The back handles on the GenX harness are designed so you as the walker can assist your dog on walks. By using the back handles you are able to support your dog, by taking some of the weigh off. For more information please contact us directly or look at our videos at www.quincysdogs.co.uk

Regular follow ups with your veterinarian may be necessary to lower arthritis pain and improve mobility in arthritic dogs and cats
Arthritis is usually seen in middle aged to older dogs

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