Which dog breeds are the most prone to a Cruciate Ligament injury?

Symptoms of cruciate ligament injury and damage; Contact your vet for a; Diagnosis; Treatment options; Ongoing care and outlook
Acute or traumatic cruciate rupture is caused by a twisting injury to the knee joint of the dog

All dogs are susceptible to cruciate injuries however; certain dogs are more prone than others.

Here is a list of the dogs more likely (but not limited) to suffer a cruciate ligament:-

· Labrador retrievers

· Newfoundlands

· Border Collies

· German shepherds

· Rottweiler’s

· Saint Bernard

· Bullmastiff

· Akita

...the list is endless

The main cause for cruciate ligament injury is through placing weight on one leg whilst at the same time twisting or turning, this prompts the tendons to expand ever so slightly and over time this leads to a strain injury inevitably with the tendon tearing or snapping completely. We have other blogs where the cruciate ligament injury in dogs is explained in more detail, how, please click the link to see how you are able to dog right now with the aid of our products... click here

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